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Creating new milestones in the digital assets market


Global alliance of exchanges

Unlike mainstream digital assets exchanges that serves global traders on a single platform, UDAX will establish digital asset exchanges in different countries to provide services to local users and form an alliance of UDAX digital asset exchanges worldwide.


Accelerated, optimal operational capability

The UDAX trading system utilizes an accelerated and highly efficient matching engine with the ability to process 100,000 transactions / second. The system is also able to maintain optimal operational capability with 5 million simultaneous online users.


Protects & maximizes user experience

UDAX utilizes multi-tier and multi-cluster system architecture for its trading platform, which improves system performance, security, stability and scalability. There is no downtime during functional deployment or version updates, thereby protecting and maximizing user experience.


Trading of popular & valuable digital assets

UDAX will provide support for BTC, ETH, UDT (UDAX Tokens) trading pairs during the early stages. Subsequently, we will gradually introduce other valuable digital assets. The digital assets listed on the UDAX exchange are in accordance to their respective market value and market capitalization.

UDT Token


UDAX Token (“UDT”) is a standard Ethereum ERC20 decentralized digital asset. Users who trade on the UDAX platform and are holders of UDT can utilize UDT to pay for transaction fees at a discounted rate. The price of UDT will be calculated based on the market price when the users execute a trade.


A total of 200 million UDT will be issued. 75% (150 million UDT) will be released during private placement, 5% (10 million UDT) angel investors & early institutional investors, 20% (40 million UDT) will be held by the foundation as incentives for the team, maintenance of the ecosystem and investments in products/assets.


After the launch of the UDAX platform, 30% of the platform’s net profit will be used to repurchase UDT every quarter. These repurchased tokens will be destroyed and announced at the same time on the block explorer to ensure transparency. This cycle will be repeated until a total of 100 million UDT is destroyed.


Leveraging on the strength of global investors, consultants, teams and a wealth of market resources and experience, UDAX will be able to realize its vision and goal of creating new milestones in the digital assets market.

Dr. Bobby Lieu

Founder & CEO

Sought after leader in the Asian financial markets, armed with over 20 years’ experience in venture capital. Business partners include the famed DFJ Dragon Fund in China.

Danny Christ


With passion for exponential growth technologies, he is now the designated blockchain consultant at GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group, US) and at NSCS - a consultancy for tech-startups in Malaysia.

Amir Eslampanah


One of the world’s top 10 experts in Blockchain and cryptography, also part of the initial group known as the "fontas btc-e pump group" that pioneered LiteCoin.

Aaron Tsai

Chief Capitalist

Founder, Chairman and Chief Capitalist of MAS Capital Inc., MAS Capital Fintech Inc., and MAS Capital Universal Exchange Inc. Known on the Wall Street as “King of Shells”.

Marcus Phuah

Legal Advisor

Specializes in advice and consultancy on Investments and Projects in Technology (including FinTech, Digital Payments and Blockchain), Media, Telecommunications and IP Licensing.

Richard Wang


 A partner of Draper Dragon with over 20 years of experience in technology research & development, and embarking into the areas of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Nicholas Ng


Over 25 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, concluded a wide range of financial transactions, including IPOs, privatisations, mergers & acquisitions.

Mario Singh


A widely sought-after thinker in the finance industry, appeared more than 40 times on international media CNBC and Bloomberg, author of two best-selling books.




State-of-the-art white label exchange platforms and products.

UDAX offers a turnkey solution to institutions embarking on the opportunities in the blockchain and fintech industry.


Comprehensive guide for all the necessary aspects of ICO.

Specialized advisory team provides business and technology strategies for implementation of token sale launches.


Future-ready workforce as your corporation transform.

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Ensemble a world-class blockchain and fintech workforce.

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