Global Provider of Crypto & Blockchain Services

UDAX is a global liquidity provider and price discovery platform for crypto assets. Other than being the place where crypto assets get listed and traded, UDAX is also an engine providing white label services to other crypto exchanges as well as to its partner exchanges.

Apart from being an exchange and providing white label services, UDAX has expanded its service offerings into areas such as providing coin listing on other partner exchanges, ICO, IEO and STO issuance, crypto wallet development and blockchain-related services.

With its experienced team of blockchain pioneers, and leveraging on the wealth of resources and network offered by its group of funders and advisors from a diverse background in the legal, financial, business and technology space, UDAX is poised to becoming a global force in the digital asset trading space and we look forward to creating new milestones in the digital assets market.

UDAX has also successfully collaborated with various global conglomerates in Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China and Singapore as blockchain and technology provider.

Business Offerings

For Traders & Exchanges

Trade a wide range of digital assets, efficient OTC service where the client orders are matched outside the exchanges, launch your own crypto exchange platform

Trading on UDAX

Trade a wide range of digital assets across alliance exchanges globally.


Offers an efficient OTC service where orders are matched outside the exchange.

Liquidity Provider

Congregates players in one alliance and provides a consolidated common feed.

White Label

A turnkey solution for aspiring institutions embarking on the crypto exchange business.


For Project Companies

Comprehensive listing solution, advisory services on token/coin issuance and listing of digital assets, conduct token sales, market value management of an issuer’s digital asset.

Coin/Token Listing

Simple listing processes and increases exposure of new minted cryptocurrency.


Advisory services on token/coin issuance, listing & management of digital assets.

Token Launch

Tab into our marketing expertise, global network and crypto-community.


Pre and post-listing market value management of an issuer’s digital asset.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Services & Solutions

UDAX’s offers a wide array of crypto and blockchain services and solutions to traders, aspiring exchanges and project companies. Our extensive network in the crypto-community offers abundant opportunities for both individuals and corporations for cross-network communication and business development and expansion.

Contact Us

Email us at to find out more about how you can list your coin/token or kickstart your white label exchange and blockchain projects!